How to Take Your Bathroom to the Next Level

How to Take Your Bathroom to the Next Level

Looking to improve your bathroom? At Aikey’s Kitchen and Bath, we specialize in bathroom remodels in Richmond, VA. No matter your specific needs, we’d love to lend a helping hand in transforming your space. After all, everyone should have a bathroom that feels like a relaxing oasis. Get a quote for your bathroom remodeling project today!


Replace Your Tub With a Walk-In Shower

Transform that tub you never use into something stylish and relaxing. When you replace your tub with a walk-in shower, you can increase visual appeal in your space and provide you with a bathroom that’s both fashionable and functional. It doesn’t get much better than that!


Replace Your Countertops With Quartz

If you want to improve the look of your bathroom, one of the best ways to do it is by upgrading your countertops. Quartz is a popular choice thanks to the fact that it’s beautiful, low maintenance, and incredibly durable. Imagine this countertop in your bathroom!


Consider a Bidet Toilet

If you’re searching for the upgrade you didn’t know you needed, we recommend replacing your current toilet with a bidet toilet. They’re more hygienic — and they’re better for the environment! It’s a win/win.


Choose a Steam Shower

You may have heard about the benefits of steam showers, and whether you like the idea of improving your circulation, helping with joint pain, or providing better care for your skin, a steam shower is the answer. Trust us when we say that you’ve never experienced luxury like this!

Whether it’s a kitchen remodel or a bathroom remodel, our team is proud to service Richmond, VA and surrounding areas. We believe that you deserve a home you love living in, and if you’re considering a remodeling project, we’d love to lend a helping hand. Reach out now to speak with our team and rest assured that you’re in good hands with Aikey’s Kitchen and Bath!

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